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My Team GO

Born on February 16, 1988, Mr. White was blessed to the amazing family of Althea and Bruce White. He was born into a family of three sisters and two brothers. They all grew up in the projects of Harbor City, CA. Like many projects in LA the apartments he and his siblings grew up in were engulfed with drugs, gangs and crime. At the age of four White’s life was about to take a drastic turn, that he never saw coming. His father (Bruce) was incarcerated at a Federal facility, he was sentenced to thirty five years. After saying goodbye to his father, he began to idolize his brother. Trying hard to prevent his little brother from turning to the streets to make money, he pushed White to pursue his dream of becoming a football player. White’s life changed as he knew it yet again, when his twenty six year old brother was murdered while eating at a restaurant. With very few jobs and a subpar school system White was forced to think outside the box and find a way to make money to help support his family. Using the harsh environment he lived in, he began hustling. Selling drugs was something he ended up doing just to make sure his family received the luxuries in which he felt they deserved. This life style did two things for him; it molded him into a leader and brought him vast sums of money, at the same time it brought out a darker side to him. He ended up in jail on multiple occasions and even got shot twice later on in life.

At the age of sixteen he discovered another passion to help him cope with life. Hip hop music had made its way into his life and the love he had for it flourished as he began to create his own. With his eyes set on becoming the biggest music phenomenon the industry had seen, he worked day in and day out perfecting his new found art. He entered the music industry with a fevered, determined, and dedicated attitude that he used to take over the streets of Southern California. In a short period of time he laid the foundation of his success by headlining in several live performances, which created a huge following of new found fans. In 2007 White created “Just Go Records.” White, also at this time known as White Dogg, did not want to wait for anyone, so he built a studio in his own home. All that has been accomplished so far in his career was either on his own or with the help of his team the Go! Gettas (The Go! Boys). To get his music out to the public he established a Myspace account ( and within a few months he had over 17,000 plays and views, which continued to grow daily. In the spring of 2008 he released his first mix tape called, “Southwest of the 110 Vol.1”. While doing a performance of his mix tape in 2009 a Club Tattoo another life changing event motivated him to push his rapping career even further. During the performance he was shot twice and his cousin was shot once. Sadly he ended up watching his cousin die in his arms. Losing yet another loved one, pushed him to new heights and motivated him to work even harder.

His intelligence and strong stage presence, plus his ability to create stories about different subjects earned the young rapper the respect of the fans that will eventually cause the industry to take notice. In 2013 Mr. White Dogg linked up with childhood friend, George Wright, to form My Team Go Entertainment (MTG ENT.) This shortly proved to be a power play for White Dogg. Within a week of the collaboration between the two of them, Mr. White Dogg was working on his next mix tape “The Takeover” and began booking shows. His first show under MTG ENT., was in Victorville at Summer Fest opening for recording artist YG. A week later he co-hosted a sold out event at Sevilla Night Club in Riverside, CA with recording artist Problem. As a direct result of his lyrical content and stage presence, the streets were buzzing with the name of “Mr. White Dogg”. His third event with MTG ENT., would be his most trying, but exhibited his drive and determination. He performed two events in one night; Cantina Lounge in Fullerton with recording artist Jeremiah, and Club Eden in Hollywood, which led to the booking of Power 106’s DJ Carisma. Showing no intentions on slowing down he continues to dominate the streets with his vicious lyrics and incredible ability to produce great music. Working hard to continue getting his name known he is currently still booking events all over Southern California and Las Vegas.